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Tinsel Town Hall Featuring the Movie, “Inverse” – January 8th

Tinsel Town Hall Featuring the Movie, “Inverse” – January 8th

Print your free screening pass to “Inverse” as Hollywood comes to Cathedral City!

The City is excited to present this red-carpeted movie event at the Mary Pickford Theatre at 7:00 pm, and then at 8:45 pm, Writer/Director Matt Dugan, Producer Stephanie Bell, and Lead Actors Josh Wingate and Chris Pauley are scheduled for a Question/Answer session from the audience.

About this Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller:

This movie has not been rated yet, but contains strong language. Parental Discretion is Advised.

Wingate plays “Max,” a young man who awakens unsure of exactly who he is – or in this case, was as it becomes evident that Max is supposed to be dead. Reality becomes relative as Max pieces his world back together, using clues from the physical world and
vivid hallucinations. When an outlandish stranger named “Batter” (stage and screen veteran Morlan Higgins) shows up claiming Max is from a parallel universe, everything is at once clearer and utterly confounding. If what Batter says is true, and that’s a big “if,” it still doesn’t tell Max why all of this is happening to him. Someone else wants to know too. The pressure intensifies when a nefarious government physicist (Pauley) discovers Max is alive and is determined to test Batter’s theory.