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Take the Call – HARC’s Coachella Valley Health Survey

The 2019 Coachella Valley Community Health Survey by HARC (Health Assessment and Research for Communities) is under way and you may receive a call from Kent State University asking questions about your health.  The calls are confidential, and the answers are used to benefit the community and policies towards health.


HARC was initially founded to provide local health data for the Coachella Valley region of Southern California. HARC continues to conduct a community-wide survey of the health of the region every three years. The survey covers a wide variety of health and well-being topics, such as health access, utilization, behaviors, major disease, mental health, and more. Results are provided back to the community at no charge. Results are provided in the form of a written Executive Report, an online searchable database, and a series of special reports and data briefs on topics of interest.


The data that HARC provides in the Coachella Valley Health Survey are used by nonprofits, hospitals, higher education, K-12 education, governmental agencies, and media organizations, among others. These organizations use the information to apply for funding, create presentations/lectures, prioritizing health needs, developing programs to address those needs, writing articles, designing and conducting trainings, and making/changing policy.


The triennial survey helps many nonprofits to make their case for funding and to successfully secure funding for critically-needed programs and services.


HARC asks that you take call and answer the survey.