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New “Homeless” Button on Cathedral City Police Department App


Last night, Police Chief Travis Walker presented to the City Council his report on the progress being made by the homeless liaison officer within the police department who helps the homeless community find proper social services, while at the same time, working to protect property and keeping residents safe.  During the “one point in time homeless count” earlier this year, the number of homeless living in Cathedral City was 76 individuals.  Of those counted, all were considered “chronic homeless,” meaning that they have been homeless for an extended period of time.  Many of the chronic homeless appeared to be suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and many also refused services and/or resources to get them placed in drug treatment programs or temporary housing.  Others of the chronic homeless appeared to be suffering from a brain injury or mental health illness.  None of the chronic homeless reported being veterans.

The “Cathedral City PD” app for smartphones has added a new featured button, “Homeless.”  The button offers business owners, residents, and visitors to report a homeless issue, such as an illegal encampment, illegal panhandling, or a homeless person who desires assistance with food, housing, and/or other services.  The reporting allows the homeless liaison to reach out the homeless individual to assist with food assistance, treatment programs, and temporary housing.

To get the “Cathedral City PD” app, go to your smartphone app store and download it for free.