68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero, Cathedral City, CA 92234

All Safe and Sound at City Hall


All Safe and Sound at City Hall

Earlier this afternoon, an elderly couple from Idyllwild was cleaning out the home of their deceased son in Rancho Mirage when they discovered an item resembling a grenade. They wrapped it up in a towel, loaded in their car, and drove it to the Cathedral City Police Department. An officer unwrapped the towel and saw that the item resembled a grenade. Not knowing whether it was live or inert, City Hall was immediately evacuated.

The Cathedral City Police Department cordoned off City Hall and called in the Riverside County Bomb Squad. The bomb squad later determined it to be inert and declared the area safe. They are now going over to the deceased son’s home in Rancho Mirage to conduct a sweep for any other similar items.

City Hall will remain closed for this afternoon, but will reopen tomorrow morning during normal business hours.

As a reminder, if you find something that resembles an explosive, then do not touch the item, leave the premises, and call 911 for the proper authorities to investigate.