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Fire Department Gets Water Tender Apparatus for Undeveloped Areas

Thanks to a generous donation from the Palm Springs Fire Department, the Cathedral City Fire Department has received an invaluable fire apparatus when confronted with fires in undeveloped parts of the city.  On Wednesday, the City Council approved the donation of a 1999 Pierce Water Tender truck that will hold up to 3,000 gallons of water for fire suppression.  The equipment will help our firefighters when handling fires in remote areas that do not have fire hydrants nearby; in particular, along the railroad tracks on the north end of the city near Interstate 10.  Several fires have broken out in recent months in this area due to homeless encampments.


The water tender truck will play a pivotal role in supplementing water supplies as an average fire truck can only hold approximately 500 gallons of water.  This will prevent the need for a fire truck to return to a water supply away from the fire scene by up to six roundtrips.


The City Council authored a city resolution commending the City of Palm Springs for its donation and commitment to mutual aid as neighboring cities.