“Jurassic Wonders” Officially Open in Downtown Cathedral City

 Museum of Ancient Wonders Showcasing 11 Metal Dinosaurs Along Highway 111


Crews have completed erecting “Jurassic Wonders”- a free dinosaur exhibit in Downtown Cathedral City that consists of several vignettes featuring a total of eleven metal dinosaurs that are equal in scale to their historical existences.  The City of Cathedral City and the Museum of Ancient Wonders you to Downtown Cathedral City to see this free, educational exhibit located at the southeast corner of East Palm Canyon Drive (HWY 111) and West Buddy Rogers Avenue.


The exhibit is made possible by Artist Ricardo Breceda, Councilmember Nancy Ross, and Museum Director Alberto Acosta – the main principals of the exhibit coming to fruition.


“This is a wonderful collaboration between the City of Cathedral City and the Museum of Ancient Wonders located in Cathedral City,” stated Councilmember Nancy Ross.  “Families coming to view the exhibit are able to park nearby, walk up to these marvelous, life-like sculptures, and take selfies to share with friends and other family members. It’s a free and exciting adventure back in time when dinosaurs once roamed the Earth.”


“Beyond displaying the dinosaurs, each vignette offers educational information about the history and characteristics of each dinosaur,” stated Museum Director Alberto Acosta. “You will leave the dinosaur exhibit in awe of their grandness and with a better understanding of their magnificent creation.”


The exhibit will continue now through the fall/winter of 2022.



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