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Kitt Wins the Second Week of the Cat City Drag Race

Six bars, six weeks, one tiara! The Cat City Drag Race happens every Monday through October 14th with cocktails at 6 pm, show at 7 pm and only in Cathedral City!

Last night, the Category was “Leather and Lace” and all nine contestants came to compete! They were there to show last week’s winner Sue Madre this wasn’t going to be a cakewalk to the finish line. Hosted by Anita Treadmill and music by DJ Galaxy, the nine battled for the best drag at the Barracks Bar along the “111 Catwalk” to a large crowd throwing dollars to those who came to win.
Five judges (City Manager Charlie McClendon, KGAY 106.5 FM DJ John Taylor, GED Magazine’s Eric Davis, Transgender Health and Wellness Center’s Thomi Clinton, and Jeff Hocker of Hocker Productions) awarded scores on originality, themed outfit, personality, and performance. The judges’ portion of the competition resulted in newcomer to the race (ill last week) Shelly B. Down in first place, Sheena Wolfe in second, and Angelique VaGorgeous rounding out third. Less than 2 points separated first and third place contestants.

Then it got shady! Each contestant spun the “Wheel of Shade” allowing an opportunity to take away or give points to an opponent. In week two, only three of the nine contestants were able to take away points from their opponents. Paulie Ester took one point away from Shelly B. Down, Angelique VaGorgeous took three points away from Sheena Wolfe, and Sue Madre took two points away from Angelique VaGorgeous. That’s shade.

After the wheel of shade portion of the competition, the tables were turned and leading the race was Sheena Wolfe, then Shelly B. Down, and rounding third was Angelique VaGorgeous. Again, only two points were separating first from third place. However, the crowd gets the last word (or holler) as the contestant who got the loudest cheer won 25 additional points. In a very, very, very close decibel rating battle (less than four tenths of a decibel), the crowd out of nowhere picked Kitt – sending her from fifth place in the night all the way to number one and winning Week 2 of the competition with 64.8 points.

Two out of five competition weeks have been completed so far and here are the rankings and point totals thus far:
1. Kitt, 105.3 points
2. Sue Madre, 99.8 points
3. Sheena Wolfe, 86.7 points
4. Miss Bea Haven, 77.9 points
5. Angelique VaGorgeous, 75.7 points
6. Mz. Anita Cocktale, 71.4 points
7. Ashley Araya Sparks, 68.5 points
8. Paulie Ester, 66.8 points
9. * Shelly B. Down, 45 points

Shelly B. Down has an asterisk next to her name as she missed the first week’s competition. However, all contestants are able to drop their lowest score at the end of the competition for a final number and ranking.

The race is not over! The winner is still undecided as they will compete next at the Runway Restaurant and Bar, 68300 Gay Resort Drive (Behind Revivals) in Cathedral City on Monday, September 23rd with cocktails at 6 pm and show at 7 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. Come get to know and cheer on your favorite contestant, meet some new friends, laugh, and bring a few dollars to tip.

Six Weeks, Six Bars, One Tiara! #CatCityDragRace

Free admission. Must be 21 years of age or older. More information at www.DiscoverCathedralCity.com.