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Play It Safe this Holiday Season

The City Council of Cathedral City is asking you to play it safe this holiday season.  The upcoming holidays are times when families come together to celebrate family, religious holidays, and share quality life moments.  This year, the city councils wants you to continue to celebrate, but do so in a responsible way that protects your family from contracting the coronavirus.


As a reminder, the coronavirus spreads by an infected person breathing, coughing, singing, sneezing, or laughing and releasing thousands of virus contaminated microscopic water droplets from their mouths into the air and consequently being inhaled by a non-infected person.  The more you breathe in these contaminated droplets, the greater risk you have of contracting the coronavirus, which can cause hospitalization, and even, death.


The safest way to celebrate the holidays is to stay home and video chat with extended family members on video platforms such as Zoom and Facetime.


If keeping extended family away is not something you can consider, then please utilize these tips for a safer holiday season:

  • Plan family gatherings that involve extended family members outdoors. Instead of having meals inside, go outdoors.
  • Seat guests by immediate family groupings. Avoid intermixing families by not having adult and children tables.
  • Avoid indoor spaces especially if windows and doors are shut and fresh air cannot circulate properly.
  • Social distance at least six feet away from extended family members. Give air hugs and air kisses this year.  Do not shake hands.
  • Wear facial coverings when you are not drinking and eating.
  • Wash your hands or have hand sanitizer readily available prior to eating and drinking.
  • Avoid buffet-style serving by having one or two people serve all food plates and another serving all drinks.
  • Use paper napkins or paper towels for drying hands after using the bathroom.
  • Watch TV or movies outdoors. Grab some blankets and TV camp outdoors.
  • Use disposable plates, utensils and cups.
  • Disinfect all surface areas prior and after meal service.


The City Council realizes many people are experiencing Coronavirus fatigue, but family is why we come together for the holidays.  Let’s avoid seriously harming a beloved family member by practicing these tips.  Stay Safe and Happy Holidays!

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