Downtown Banner Program

2023 - 24 Banner Program

Promote Your Business or Non-Profit Organization

Welcome to the 2023 Banner Program along East Palm Canyon Drive in Cathedral City. 47,023 Drivers pass along East Palm Canyon Drive each Day!

41 Light Poles, each supports 2 banners,  one on each side for a total of 82 banners.

Banners are colorful and get attention.  Each banner features the city logo and the supporting business or organization along with their logo.  Click on the map, then on a colored circle where a pole is located.  A pop-up window will let you know if each of the two banners is available, or not available.

Use your mouse to navigate the map. Click on the Colored Section Nodes to determine banner placement availability. If the node is a circle, there is still banner space available on that pole. If the node is a diamond, no space is available. Interior = Nearest to Street / Exterior = Nearest Sidewalk.

Blue Section

Blue Section Detail (Between Cathedral Canyon Drive and W. Buddy Rogers)

Yellow Section

Yellow Section Detail (Between W. Buddy Rogers and Monte Hall/Van Fleet)

Green Section

Green Section Detail (Between Monte Hall/Van Fleet and Allen)

Orange Section

Orange Section Detail (Between Allen Avenue, Date Palm Drive & East of the Wash)


Below are links to forms - a payment form and a Top 3 Pole Choice form.   You can request a particular pole position, but it is not guaranteed.   Additionally, please indicate if you want the Interior side which is closest to the roadway, or the exterior side, which is only about a foot further from the roadway in comparison to the interior side.  It’s simply on the other side of the pole.  For example, you can ask for Blue Section, Pole 5, Interior as your first choice.

Prices are $500 per banner (two-sided) for 1-3 banners.  $450 per banner for 4 or more banners ordered.

The banners will go up on or about November 1, 2022, and stay up until October 31, 2023.

Cathedral City Banner Pole Designation Sheet - Top 3 Pole Choices

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