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Cathedral City Elementary School Children and City Council Planted a Tree for California Clean Air Day

California has made considerable improvements to the air quality in our state since the Clean Air Act passed in 1970. However, due to being the most populated state and our continued reliance on fossil fuels, California’s major cities including the Coachella Valley continue to have days that exceed safe air quality standards. In order to a raise awareness about how each of us can do our part to lower greenhouse gases through a variety of efforts, the City Council of Cathedral City teamed up with the first grade class at Cathedral City Elementary School for the 2019 California Clean Air Day. Mayor Mark Carnevale, Councilmember Rita Lamb, and the children planted a tree at the elementary school on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 10:30 am. In addition, the children presented pictures of trees from their California Clean Air Day art project to Mayor Carnevale themed to this important day. The art pieces collected will be showcased later at City Hall.

Trees play a pivotal role in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) gases that lead to global warming through the natural process of photosynthesis. Trees absorb CO2 and other pollutant particulates and release pure oxygen back into our atmosphere. By planting a tree and educating children about the importance of trees in our environment, we can help reverse global warming, improve the community’s health, and breathe much easier.