Christmas Tree Recycling Highlights Composting in Riverside County

The holiday season always ends with plenty of returns, and your Christmas tree is no exception. Return your natural Christmas tree to the ground it grew in by dropping it off at a Riverside County landfill to be recycled into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

Through the free Christmas tree drop-off program, natural trees collected at the Badlands and Lamb Canyon landfills will be chipped and combined with other organic waste to make compost or mulch.  Recycling organic material is an innovative way to ensure that organic waste is diverted away from landfill burial, recycled and turned into a valuable soil amendment.

Natural Christmas trees must be prepared for recycling by removing all decorations, lights, tinsel and tree stands. Flocked trees cannot be recycled through this program and need to be cut up and placed in your regular trash container.

Other natural Christmas trees that are recycled at free drop-off sites, or at the curb, will be taken to local green-waste processors to be recycled into compost or mulch. Most trash haulers will collect Christmas trees curbside for two weeks after Christmas. Place the prepared tree next to or inside the green-waste container on your regular pick-up day.  Trees over four feet tall should be cut in half. Contact your waste hauler for more details.

For those without a curbside pickup program, several drop-off locations will accept up to three properly prepared residential Christmas trees for FREE through Jan. 6:

  • A Lua Wood Recycling, 18938 Mermack Ave., Lake Elsinore (accepting until Jan. 6)
  • B P John Recycling, 28700 Matthews Road, Romoland (accepting until Jan.6)
  • Burrtec/Coachella Transfer Station, 87011 Landfill Road, #A, Coachella (Burrtec customers only)
  • Burrtec/Edom Hill Transfer Station, 70100 Edom Hill Road, Cathedral City (Burrtec customers only)
  • Burrtec/Robert A. Nelson Transfer Station, 1830 Agua Mansa Road, Riverside (Burrtec customers only)
  • CR & R, 1706 Goetz Road, Perris (CR & R customers only)
  • El Sobrante Landfill, 10910 Dawson Canyon Road, Corona (accepting until Jan. 6)
  • Riverside County Badlands Landfill, 31125 Ironwood Ave., Moreno Valley (accepting until Jan. 6)
  • Riverside County Blythe Landfill, 1000 Midland Road, Blythe (accepting until Jan. 6)
  • Riverside County Lamb Canyon Landfill, 16411 Lamb Canyon Road, Beaumont (accepting until Jan. 6)
  • Riverside County Oasis Landfill, 84-505 84th Avenue, Oasis (accepting until Jan. 3)

Trees that are not recycled at drop-off locations or through curbside pick-up will only occupy valuable space in our landfills. Make the last gift you give this year to the Earth… recycle Christmas trees!  These programs are offered to educate residents about the ease and advantages of organic material recycling and how composting preserves valuable space in county landfills.

For more information on this program, please call the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources (951) 486-3200 or visit the waste guide on our website for additional green holiday suggestions:

🌲 Burrtec is picking up undecorated Christmas trees over the next few weeks. Simply place your tree next to your barrels on your regular service day and We’ll Take Care Of It!

👇 A few helpful tips:

✅ Make sure your tree stand is removed, as well as all lights, ornaments, tinsel and other decorations.
✅ Do not place them inside or on top of any barrel.
✅ Do not block sidewalks, driveways, cars or mailboxes.
✅ Please cut large trees (over 6 feet) in half.
✅ Artificial trees are not accepted.
✅ We will accept trees with flocking decoration.

🤝 Thank you for your help in getting your trees composted properly.

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