City Council of Cathedral City Approves Repairs to Roads Damaged by Tropical Storm Hilary

The City Council of Cathedral City approved a construction contract at the regular meeting on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, to Hardy & Harper, Inc. in the amount of $731,400 to provide pavement reconstruction and repairs on the Panorama Neighborhood streets impacted by Tropical Storm Hilary.

City staff prepared plans for the following projects to be included in the pavement reconstruction:

  • Horizon Road from Vista Chino to Panorama Road
  • Los Gatos Road from Fortuna Way to Date Palm Drive
  • Panorama Road from Avenida Diosa to Avenida La Vista
  • East-West Alley from Horizon Road to Date Palm Drive
  • North-South Alley from Adelina Road to South end of Alley

All work will be performed within the existing city right-of-way. Construction is scheduled to start in May 2024, and is estimated to be completed by July 2024.

On August 20, 2023, Tropical Storm Hilary struck Cathedral City, resulting in flooded roads, neighborhoods, and mud flows in various areas of Cathedral City. Runoff flood waters brought large amounts of sediment and debris, leaving many areas of the city flooded and covered in several feet of mud and debris.

The emergency work and clean-up efforts throughout the Panorama Neighborhood began on August 21, 2023, and was completed on March 20, 2024. Various contractors were hired to assist the city with the disaster recovery.

As a result of the emergency work, the pavement on several residential streets and public alleys within the Panorama neighborhood were affected due to the flooding, the mud flows, and the heavy equipment used during the clean-up efforts.

According to the city’s pavement management consultant and the Pavement Management Program used to predict the asphalt deterioration on the city’s roadway network, the resulting level of deterioration within the streets affected by Tropical Storm Hilary deteriorated up to eight years faster, thus a reduction in the useful life of the pavement ranging up to 27%.

Goal B of the City’s Five-Year Strategic Plan prioritizes that Cathedral City roads, gateways, public spaces, and other city infrastructure are well planned, designed, constructed, and maintained. Residents can also check out the full plan here.

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