CONE ZONE ALERT: Panorama Neighborhood Pavement Reconstruction

Starting June 17, 2024, through July 2024, Hardy & Harper Inc. will be constructing roadway improvements at the Panorama Neighborhood area. Streets under reconstruction include Panorama Rd, Los Gatos Rd, Horizon Rd, an alleyway connected to Adelina Rd, and an alleyway connected to Horizon Rd and Date Palm Dr. The Project will also include the construction of new ADA compliant curb ramps at the Panorama Rd intersections with Avenida La Vista and Avenida Diosa.

The construction hours will be from 7:00AM to 3:30PM, Monday through Friday.

Hardy and Harper, Inc. will make every effort to keep driveways to all residences and businesses open at all times, but there may be a time when the driveway may be temporarily inaccessible. Emergency vehicles and all other services will have access throughout the duration of the Project.

There will be “No Parking” signs posted throughout the project indicating the specific dates work will be performed in that area. During construction, access to through traffic may be delayed and we ask the following:

  1. Please do not park your vehicles on the roadway
  2. Please do not allow water to run on the roadway
  3. Trash pickup will not be disrupted, but please do not place trash cans or other debris in the roadway.

The city appreciates your patience and cooperation during the construction of the improvements to help the project run as smoothly as possible. We will make every effort to minimize inconveniences to businesses and residents.

If you have any questions, please contact Jesus Gutierrez (Project Manager) by phone at (760)-202-2402 or by e-mail at

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