Dream Homes Neighborhood Provides Input on Bike Path and Proposed Adjacent Community Park

Dream Homes Neighborhood Provides Input on Bike Path and Proposed Adjacent Community Park

Neighbors came together last night to provide City leaders and staff with ideas on how they would like the new Whitewater River Bike Path to operate and offered suggestions on what they envision a proposed community park and center adjacent to the bike path would afford the Dream Homes neighborhood.

Residents had the opportunity to view initial draft ideas from City staff of how the bike path would look once completed. Cathedral City has received a state grant to build a bike path along the Whitewater River channel, and with the possibility of additional funds in the future, the bike path could be enhanced to provide rest stops featuring water fountains and shade structures. Pictured are the current conditions of where the bike path would go and proposed rendering of the enhanced bike path.


Staff also took notes on the proposed community park and center that would utilize City land that was initially slated for a multi-family housing development. The housing development fizzled during the great national recession. Now, the neighborhood has an opportunity to use this available land to create a community park, access to the bike path, and with accrual of additional grants, build a community center that would provide space for senior activities, children programming, and community events.

If you were unable to attend last night’s meeting, additional meetings will be planned soon to provide more input. Additionally, a community task force will be organized in the few weeks to go door-to-door to receive as much community input as possible.

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