Help Save the Salton Sea with a Specialty Auto License Plate

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Salton Sea is the largest inland lake in southeastern California. However, the Salton Sea is beginning to dry up and this has severely impaired the air quality and wildlife habitat, as well as increased the salinity of the Sea, resulting in the continuing loss of aquatic life. California can restore the Salton Sea. A restoration plan has been recommended that will cost approximately $8.9 billion.

The Salton Sea Specialty License Plate program

The Salton Sea Specialty License Plate program will help raise this vital money for the Salton Sea Restoration Fund. You can help make the restoration of the Salton Sea possible by ordering a Salton Sea Specialty License Plate.  When 7,500 people have sent in their reservation form and paid the corresponding fee, the plates will go into production. – See more at:

To begin the process, 7,500 pre-paid applications must be collected before the Department of Motor Vehicles may begin programming efforts necessary to issue plates. In addition to the regular fees for an original registration or renewal of registration, the original issuance of the “SaltonSeaPlate” will be $50.00 and $40.00 a year thereafter for a sequential plate or $98.00 for the original issuance of a personalized plate and $78.00 yearly thereafter.

When you invest in the largest inland lake in southern California by purchasing the SaltonSeaPlate, you will be among the first to receive the SaltonSeaPlate to display on your vehicle. Plus, you will have the satisfaction knowing the funding from the sales and renewal of the plate will be used for preservation and restoration projects for Salton Sea.

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