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Stunning Finale for the Cat City Drag Race

With a standing room only crowd at Trunks Bar – Cathedral City, eight of the Cat City Drag Race contestants came to win! The category was “Royalty” as the five judges looked for the “Royal Highness of Cat City.” The judges were Mayor Mark Carnevale, KGAY 106.5 FM DJ John Taylor, GED Magazine’s Eric Davis, Anya Cummins Brinnand (Queen of the Desert), and the infamous “Manny the Movie Guy.” After the contestants performed their amazing routines, the Top 3 were:

1. Angelique VaGorgeous, 48.5 points (50 possible)
2. Miss Bea Haven, 48.0 points
3. Kitt, 44.0 points

Then it got shady! Each of the contestants spun the “Wheel of Shade” to give or take away up to three points from their opponents. Only two of the eight contestants gave points. Paulie Ester gave two points to Mz. Anita Cocktale. Ashley Araya Sparks gave two points to Kitt. However, five of the contestants applied “shade” to their competitors. Mz. Anita Cocktail started it off by taking away 1 point from the week 5 leader Angelique VaGorgeous sending her from Number 1 to Number 2. Then Sheena Wolfe spun and took away 3 points from Kitt (the leader of the Cat City Drag Race). Kitt spun the Wheel and took away 2 points from Angelique VaGorgeous. Miss Bea Haven spun the Wheel and took another point from Angelique VaGorgeous taking her from 48.5 points after the judges’ round down to 44.5 points. This allowed Miss Bea Haven to ascend to Number 1. However, Angelique VaGorgeous got to spin last and took away 3 more points from Kitt (again, the overall Drag Race leader) – keeping her eye on the prize. After the “Wheel of Shade” round, the Top 3 contestants were:

1. Miss Bea Haven, 48.0 points
2. Angelique VaGorgeous, 44.5 points
3. Sue Madre, 43.0 points

As with each week, the audience gets the last vote! Based on the loudness of their cheers, applause, and hollers; the contestant that gets the highest decibel rating wins the crowd favorite worth 25 points. Receiving a record-breaking decibel rating was Angelique VaGorgeous with 109.0 decibels from the crowd and its 25 points. Ending Week 5 of the competition, the Top 3 contestants were:

1. Angelique VaGorgeous, 69.5 points
2. Miss Bea Haven, 48.0 points
3. Sue Madre, 43.0 points

The winner of Week 5 was Angelique VaGorgeous!


Winner of the Cat City Drag Race

Coming into Week 5, the leader of the Cat City Drag was the following:
1. Kitt, 219.0 points
2. Angelique VaGorgeous, 186.1 points
3. Sue Madre, 177.7 points

From the point totals, Kitt was leading the race by 32.9 points after she received high scores from the judges and two audience favorite awards (Week 2 and Week 4). It seemed as if the winner was pretty much in the bag for Kitt to become Cat City’s Drag Race winner. In fact, several of the contest operators had nicknamed her “Kitt Cat” and had purchased Kit Kat candy bars thinking she was sure to win. However, with a near perfect performance from Angelique VaGorgeous and the ability for each contestant to drop their lowest score, the tide changed. Kitt’s lowest score was Week 5 after the “Wheel of Shade” dropped her from 44.0 points to 40.0 points. Her next lowest score was 40.5 points from Week 1. Angelique VaGorgeous tied her best score of 69.5 points on Week 5 with Week 3. VaGorgeous, too, had won two of the crowd favorite awards. When you allowed VaGorgeous to drop her lowest score of 33.4 points from Week 1, her final total score brought her to the very top to WIN the 2020 CAT CITY DRAG RACE! The final scores were:

1. Angelique VaGorgeous, 222.2 points
2. Kitt, 219.0 points
3. Sue Madre, 183.6 points
4. Sheena Wolfe, 174.1 points
5. Miss Bea Haven, 164.3 points
6. Ashley Araya Sparks, 156.1 points
7. Paulie Ester, 156.0 points
8. Mz. Anita Cocktale, 151.0 points
9. Shelly B. Down (who had to drop out), 45.0 points

Congratulations to Angelique VaGorgeous as the 2020 Winner of the Cat City Drag Race!

Celebrate and Watch Again at AMP Sports Lounge – October 14
On Monday, October 14, 2019 starting at 6 pm, come celebrate with all the contestants from the inaugural Cat City Drag Race as they will perform one more number of their choosing at AMP Sports Lounge, 68-718 E Palm Canyon Drive in Cathedral City (behind Trilussa’s Restaurant). Plus, the winner will receive a prize package worth $1,500. Thanks to the owners from Sunshine Café, the prize package will raise to $1,600 after they donated a $100 gift card last night. Additionally, each contestant will receive a souvenir framed certificate of appreciation from the Cathedral City Gay Business Association for being part of the first drag race in Cathedral City. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Stay tuned as CCGBA has some exciting plans for a new competition event that will involve you! #CatCityDragRace #6weeks6Bars