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COVID-19 Community Spread Continues at Alarming Rates in California and Cathedral City

It took just 31 days during the month of July to more than double the total number of all previous COVID-19 cases in California and Cathedral City.  Before July 1st, California had reported 232,657 cases of COVID-19 statewide.  By July 31, 2020, that number had climbed to 500,130 positive cases – a 115% increase.  The same was true in Cathedral City.  Before July 1st, Cathedral City reported 618 positive cases of COVID-19, but by the end of July, the total number of cases had risen to 1,338 – a 116% increase.  The month of July had more confirmed cases than all the previous months combined.


When it comes to the number of people who succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentages are not much better.  Before July 1st, 6,090 Californians had died due to the coronavirus.  At the end of July, that number had climbed more than 51% to 9,224 deaths.  In Cathedral City, our numbers were even graver.  Before July 1st, four residents in Cathedral City had died due to COVID-19, but by the end of July that number rose 425% to 21 deaths.  More Cathedral City residents had died from the coronavirus in the month of July than all the previous months combined.


Fortunately, most COVID-19 positive cases do not lead to death.  Most people will recover with mild to moderate symptoms.  However, a significant percentage will require hospital care.  According to the non-profit organization, FAIR Health, the cost of a six-day hospital stay due to COVID-19 could cost the uninsured up to $75,000 in medical bills and tens of thousands of dollars for those with insurance depending on their medical plan as reported by CNBC news.  It is a communicable disease that can cause economic hardship for those who are hospitalized and survive.


The coronavirus numbers remain alarming, but you can do your part to slow the spread.  It is time for everyone to “Mask Up to Protect Your Family!”  You cannot let your guard down when you interact with others outside of your immediate household including family members and close friends.  This virus is highly contagious.  It spreads from infected water droplets released from a person who talks, sings, coughs or sneezes and then those miniscule water droplets are breathed in by another person.  It is also possible to acquire COVID-19 by touching contaminated objects or surfaces and then you or the object touches your face (mouth, nose, or eyes).


Always remember to wear a face covering around others outside of your immediate household, avoid touching your face unless your hands are clean or sanitized, disinfect commonly touched items often, social distance between others by at least 6 feet, and try to stay home except going out for essential items.


To view the alarming numbers statewide and locally, learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic, and understand the preventative tips, then please go to www.DiscoverCathedralCity.com for more information.