‘Fountain of Life’ Outside Cathedral City Civic Center Temporarily Closed for Repairs

The Mayor Gregory S. Pettis Fountain of Life, located in Downtown outside the Civic Center, will be temporarily closed due to the soft surface being vandalized. The city is unable to run the fountain while repairs are made because water could cause considerably more damage. In addition, this could become a trip hazard and safety issue for our residents.

The City of Cathedral City doesn’t currently have a reopening date, but staff is in the bidding process for repairs. Please follow the City’s website and social media accounts for updates.

The Fountain of Life was designed by artist Jennifer Johnson in coordination with architect Reuel Young, A.I.A. It was built by House of Stone and Fountains and Landscape Enhancements. Artisans whose families have sculpted stone for more than 600 years carved the fountain pieces out of adoquin stone from a quarry near Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Once the individual pieces arrived in the desert, Johnson spent more than a year adorning the fountain with hand cut mosaic tiles and glass. Click here to learn more about the project and its history.

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