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Governor Releases Guidelines for the Reopening of Schools

Govern Newsom and the California Department of Public Health released its updated guidance for schools and school based programs on Monday, August 3, 2020.  The guidance follows many rules of other previous guidance including the mandatory use of face coverings, social distancing of at least six feet, hand washing or hand sanitizing, and protocols for coughing and sneezing.  The State is requiring distancing learning for all districts in counties listed on the state’s watch list.  Each school or school district can request a waiver from their local county health officer to begin allowing a hybrid of online and in-person learning or complete in-person learning once the county has had 14 consecutives days of declining coronavirus cases and the county is removed from the watch list.


The State stated that priority for waivers to reopen should be given to K-6 grades first as these students have more difficulties learning online and are least likely to have severe cases of COVID-19 if infected.  At this time, children under 10 appear to be the least likely to transmit the virus.  Additionally, all contact sporting activities are prohibited at this time and activities should be limited to individualized training and conditioning.  The state does not allow competitions, tournaments or scrimmages.


To learn more about the state guidance, read the following:


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