Insurance Coverage for Automobile Damage Caused by Tropical Storm Hilary

As Tropical Storm Hilary has moved out of California, and the state begins the recovery process, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued information for people whose vehicles were damaged or flooded.

If your vehicle was damaged by falling debris or flooded, you may have coverage under a comprehensive policy.

  • Unlike a standard homeowners’ insurance policy which typically does not cover you in the event of a flood, your auto insurance policy may cover your vehicle if it is damaged in a flood if you have purchased comprehensive coverage.
  • Comprehensive auto insurance coverage protects your vehicle in the event of flood damage.
  • While only liability coverage is required by law, you should consider comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle in case of storm damage.
  • You should call your insurance company to report the damages and take pictures and keep records of all clean up and repair costs.

Fallen tree damage: Damage caused from fallen trees are generally covered under all standard homeowner policies. There may be exceptions. Please consult with your agent or your insurance company.

Damaged vehicles as a result of flood or fallen trees are generally covered under the “Comprehensive or Other than Collision” portion of the auto policy. Check your auto insurance declaration page to see if this optional coverage was purchased and in effect at the time of loss.

For more information about insurance coverage for your home and flood coverage, view our comprehensive consumer alert about the Tropical Storm. The Department of Insurance can help consumers with insurance coverage or claim questions. Contact us at our consumer hotline at 800-927-4357 or through online chat or email at htps://

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