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New Body Cameras for Cathedral City Police Officers…

Police Officers

From KMIR News:

After a year of alleged police misconduct throughout the nation, the Cathedral City Police Department deployed it’s officer worn body camera program Thursday.

“They show accountability and transparency on both ends of the camera. For the officer on one end and for whoever else is on the other end also,” said Lieutenant Paul Herrera of the Cathedral City Police Department.

The cameras clip on to the shirts of the police officers and after the press a button, they begin recording. The cameras pick up video and audio. Both with crystal clear precision.

“It’s better protection for them and, you know, everything that is going on all over the United States. It’s better protection for them and everybody else,” said Cathedral City resident Francisco Avalos.

Officials say the use of body cameras can be beneficial for law enforcement in several ways. One example is after domestic disturbances.

“Sometimes victims tend to want to recant their statements, ‘hey I didn’t say that’ or ‘that didn’t necessarily happen’ or ‘my injuries were not there during their initial investigation.’ However, we pull the video up, play that in court and it’s great to have the audio and video of this victim now telling us what took place initially,” said Officer Steven Lara of the Cathedral City Police Department.

Now that body cameras a part of their daily interactions with the public, officers of the law are starting to notice a difference in the people they stop to speak with.

“They go from an aggressive behavior once I make my contact and they’ll see the camera, they’ll see my digital/audio recording and they instantly now become more cooperative,” said Lara.