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Residential Eviction Moratorium Ends September 30th

The Governor’s moratorium on residential evictions, due to COVID-19 reasons, is set to expire on September 30th, but renters should not fear as long as they apply for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program authorized by AB 832 and signed into law by Governor Newsom on June 28, 2021.  The rental assistance program will cover 100% of any past due amount if the cause was COVID-19 related.  For example, if your job was eliminated, you had reduced hours, or you had to stay home to take care of a child during the COVID-19 pandemic, then you might qualify for the rental assistance program.


Starting October 1, 2021, a landlord may give a three-day notice of eviction if a renter is behind in their rent.  However, the tenant must notify the landlord that they have or are planning to apply for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  The tenant, then, has twenty days to show proof to the landlord of applying.  If after 20 days, the tenant cannot show proof of applying for the funds, then the onus is on the landlord to show the court that they have attempted to collect the emergency rental assistance on behalf of the tenant.  An order of eviction for nonpayment will be granted if the landlord can show proof that the tenant was not eligible for the emergency rental assistance, the emergency rental assistance fund is depleted, or the tenant refused to cooperate with the landlord to secure the rental assistance.


In Riverside County, more than $90 million has been set aside to help renters pay back any outstanding rental payments to landlords that are COVID-19 related.  If you need rental assistance due to COVID-19 reasons, please contact United Lift Rental Assistance at https://www.unitedlift.org/applynow.  This is money you do not have to pay back.

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