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The Late Mayor Gregory Pettis Donates His Campaign Funds to the Cathedral City High School Choir

The award-winning Cathedral City High School Choir, led Choir Director May LeRoy, was a treasure to former Mayor Greg Pettis who passed away on January 15th.  Mayor Pettis devoted much of his time and energy raising tens of thousands of dollars to help send the choir to Australia, Italy, and New York’s Carnegie Hall.  He wanted the world to see these amazing talented young people from Cathedral City.


At last night’s city council meeting, Mayor Pettis had one last opportunity to help fund the choir that brought him much joy by donating $17,351.14 to the Palm Springs Unified School District Foundation in support of the Cathedral City High School Choir. The funds were from Mayor Pettis’ election campaign and will assist them on their next journey of sharing their voices with the world.  Mayor Pettis’ sister-in-law, Sue Pettis, stated that this wish was specifically documented in his Last Will and Testament.